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Rekeying: What Does It Mean?
To rekey a lock or locks it means that the Locksmith will come to your location and remove the locks, disassemble them and replace the PINS in the cylinder to change the combination of the lock or locks then reinstall them. The cuts on the key or keys you have for your locks represent the combination of a lock or a group of locks.  Each lock can have its own combination (Keyed Different) or a group of locks can have the same combination (Keyed Alike).
In most cases you won't need NEW locks, there are some exceptions, and by rekeying your existing locks you save money and GLS does all the work and it is done professionally and correctly.  All issues and complications with your locks and doors will be pointed out to you for your education and understanding so that trust is built and you understand the reason for any suggested recommendations. GLS wants its customers to understand the need, purpose, and measure of security your residential locks provide.  Locks are mechanical devices providing a measure of security.
GLS Locksmith looks forward to meeting and servicing your need when it occurs. Thank You for considering GLS Locksmith.